Clari-Fi™ Broadband Processed 2D Seismic

High quality broadband improves visual and quantitative interpretation in Portugal and the Mid-North Sea High
This article appeared in Vol. 13, No. 4 - 2016


  • Recently, TGS delivered more than 120,000 km regional broadband data offshore Portugal (left) and in the North Sea (right).

Clari-Fi™ is a broadband processing package which includes denoising, deghosting, designature and inverse-Q. A multi-domain denoising process attenuates various types of noise before the deghosting algorithm accounts for the local variations of source and receiver depths and the sea state. A global statistical approach is then used to address the source signature in different directions, before Q compensation with respect to the ray-paths. The resulting high quality broadband data improves visual and quantitative interpretation. 

The Clari-Fi broadband reporocessed seismic line below appeared as a multi-page pull-out feature in our print magazine. To subscribe to the print magazine use the 'Print Subscription' feature in the menu at the top of this page.

Section through expected bidding areas west of the Porto Basin offshore Portugal reveals Mesozoic fault blocks creating huge closures with sharp imaging of faults.

Clari-Fi™ Reveals Portuguese and North Sea Secrets


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