Exploration Update - Mexico

Thick Oil Column in Perdido Fold Belt
This article appeared in Vol. 13, No. 6 - 2017


In September 2016 Pemex provided new data about the production potential of its exciting Nobilis 1 new field wildcat in the AE-0077-Cinturon Plegado Perdido-03 contract, in the Perdido Fold Belt, located 220 km off the coast of the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas and close to the border with the US. The company announced that the well has the potential to produce 15,000 bopd, having previously reported that during tests the well produced 16,899 bopd and 27.7 MMcfgpd. It also noted that the well had encountered the greatest oil column thickness so far identified in this area.

Nobilis 1, drilled in water depths of around 3,100m, reached a TD of 6,115m in early May 2016. The well is believed to have discovered between 140 and 160 MMbo and was reported to have cost nearly US$ 153 million.


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