Exploration Asia

Exploration Update

News of recent discoveries in both China and Myanmar signals a bright start to exploration in 2016.
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Exploration Middle East

Petroleum Basins of Yemen

Yemen’s petroleum resource base will be a critical part of reconstruction efforts once peace is restored, but this will require high-resolution exploration and development in both onshore producing basins and offshore frontier areas in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
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Exploration Europe

Mediterranean Carbonate Potential: Lessons from Existing Discoveries

The opening of new areas and the changing regional political and economic situation, together with innovative technologies, new seismic data and improved imaging, have revitalised exploration activity in the Central and Western Mediterranean. Analysing the characteristics of previous carbonate discoveries can help future exploration activity.
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Exploration Africa

New Opportunities Offshore West Egypt

Hydrocarbon exploration success offshore Egypt to date is mainly associated with the prolific Pliocene sequence in the Nile Delta Basin, but as the recent Zohr discovery shows, there are other potential plays to follow. Here, we look at the relatively unexplored area of offshore West Egypt.
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Exploration Middle East

Iran After Sanctions: Opportunities and Risks

Iran provides a significant opportunity to access low cost production for the right companies. In response to the removal of sanctions, we take a look at the opportunities and challenges, both technical and commercial, of working in the country.
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Exploration The Arctic

Uniting the Arctic

A new generation of Circum-Arctic geological and geophysical digital maps will reveal new data about the hydrocarbon potential of the region.
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Exploration Middle East

Lebanon. The New Levantine Exploration Opportunity.

Lebanon lies at the centre of known regional hydrocarbon systems, but it is poorly explored and understood, possibly due to topographic challenges to terrestrial geophysical acquisition. A recently acquired suite of airborne geophysical measurements complemented by sub-surface regional resistivity data aims to remedy this situation.
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Exploration Africa

That’s Not a Very Prospective Basin…

Time was when industry interest in the MSGBC Basin was lukewarm to say the least: not any more. The recent world-class oil discoveries by Cairn-FAR-Conoco-Phillips offshore Senegal and by Kosmos offshore southern Mauritania have shone a very bright light on the region’s hydrocarbon potential.
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