Frontier Exploration

Frontier Exploration The Arctic

Geochemical Surface Expression of Oil and Gas in Arctic Terrains

The Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula is located in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin area of Canada and has seen numerous oil and gas discoveries. Using multiple geochemical methods, an orientation survey on the peninsula demonstrated that oil and gas seeps are detectable through thick permafrost, and that these methods can be used as a regional exploration tool.
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Exploration Middle East

Syrian Offshore: Exciting New Frontier

With the announcement of the 2011 Syrian International Offshore Bid Round, interested oil and gas exploration companies have an exciting opportunity to assess the hydrocarbon potential of this highly prospective region.
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Exploration Middle East

New insights into the Levantine Basin

Currently no exploration wells exist in offshore Cyprus and Lebanon, although huge gas discoveries have been made in the vicinity, but continuous seismic coverage from Cyprus to Lebanon provides an excellent starting point to understand the development of the Levantine Basin.
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Exploration Asia

Bay of Bengal

Flanked by the young, growing and energy hungry populations of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, the Bay of Bengal finds itself an increasingly hot property in the search to discover new hydrocarbon reserves.
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Exploration Europe

The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten-Vesterålen region is one of the last unexplored provinces of the Norwegian Sea. It could hold 1.3 Bboe, but is a very environmentally sensitive area.
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Exploration Asia

Andaman Basin

India’s Andaman Sea Basin is still considered frontier with respect to hydrocarbon exploration. Recent 2D seismic reprocessing has highlighted the potential of this area and has identified likely source, reservoir and seal intervals
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Frontier Exploration Europe

The Norwegian Sea – Exploration in a Frontier Province

The Norwegian Sea continental margin is dominated by the deep-water Vøring and Møre basins, which contain thick Cretaceous and Tertiary fills. To the east lie the Halten Terrace, Nordland Ridge and Trøndelag Platform, with a cover of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments. To the west, the Vøring and Møre Marginal Highs are overlain by a thick pile of early Tertiary lavas.

Frontier Exploration North America

Significant Gas Potential in an Underexplored Basin

The Bristol Bay is a frontier basin with very limited seismic and well data available to the public. Preliminary analyses of the limited subsurface data coupled with surface outcrop data indicate the existence of a tertiary petroleum system and possibility of an underlying Mesozoic petroleum system. The basin is considered as primarily a gasprone province.

Frontier Exploration Africa

An oil prone frontier basin

A multitude of geological data suggests that the petroleum system is in place. Rich, voluminous source rocks, likely migration paths, good reservoir rocks and huge traps all make the Seychelles offshore basins a tempting target for companies ready to explore a frontier province.