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Kashagan Comes Onstream

Hailed as the largest oil field discovered in the last four decades, the Kashagan field is located about 80 km offshore Atyrau in the northern Caspian Sea. Discovered in 2000 by an international consortium, the sub-salt field is estimated to have recoverable oil reserves up to 13 Bbo. Kashagan started producing oil this September. The Kashagan Carboniferous reef reservoir, with a surface area of approximately 3,375 km<sup>2</sup>, lies below the shallow (<10m) waters of the northern Caspian Sea.
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Q&A Asia

BGP – A Fast-Growing Company

BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation is one of the world’s leading geophysical service companies and undertakes more land-based geophysical surveys worldwide than any other company in the industry. We talk to Mr. Zheng Huasheng, Vice President of BGP, about the growth and aims of this exciting organization.
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Exploration Asia

The South China Sea Enigma

The South China Sea, a marginal sea between Asia (the largest continent) and the Pacific (the largest ocean) covers an area of 3.5 million square kilometres and is surrounded by sedimentary basins, some of which have produced petroleum for decades. The oceanic and the stretched continental crusts underlying the South China Sea have experienced a complex tectonic history in Cenozoic times, which geologists are only beginning to unravel.
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GEO Tourism Asia

Along the Yangtze River

Spectacular natural scenery, deep canyons, salt mining and dinosaurs – so much to see in the Chóngqìng area of south central China.
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Industry Issues Asia

Preparing for the Global Economy

The donation made through GeoScienceWorld has helped educate Indonesia’s emerging workforce by increasing the breadth of the university’s library holdings and making peer-reviewed research more accessible and easier to use for Trisakti’s 30,000 students.
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Exploration Asia

Borneo’s Petroleum Plays

Borneo, the world’s third largest island, has lush tropical forests, rich wildlife, coral reefs, and fascinating tribal cultures. It also has classical petroleum basins characterized by vast deltaic sediments and carbonate platforms which continue to make this region an attractive source of energy for the populous Asian markets.
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