Envoi specialises in upstream acquisition and divestment (A&D), project marketing and portfolio advice for the international oil and gas industry.

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Every May local geoscientists and their colleagues from around the world gather in Calgary for GeoConvention to share ideas and discuss emerging technologies in the fields of geology, geophysics and well log analysis. Technical discussions from industry and academia alike are hosted in an effort to share findings, learnings and new approaches to acquiring and evaluating data.

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Geonova is an online community for geoscientists, facilitating the exchange of geoscientific knowledge among professionals, students and the public. Geonova organize seminars and conferences, focusing on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and runs the online news portal

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The PESGB was established in 1964 by a group of likeminded professionals keen to create a community of geoscientists for networking and sharing ideas. Over 50 years on we have maintained those founding principles. We have a membership of over 6000 individuals, active in all six continents and have established a number of flagship events where professionals network, share technical excellence, and discuss the latest developments.

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PetroEdge is the leading provider of Oil and Gas training in Asia. Our specialist industry focus enables us to provide targeted and in-depth knowledge based training courses for pivotal Oil and Gas organisations from around the world, with our training platform consisting of webinars, e-learning and classroom face-to-face teaching

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