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Exploration North America

Reversal in Alaska

The Bureau of Land Management announced on April 25 that the US administration under President Biden is removing almost 50% of the 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA) from oil and gas exploration.

Hot Spot Europe

Gas Renaissance in Europe

The drive for gas development gathers momentum, as increased energy prices spur on investment; conflict and political instability encourage domestic supply priorities; and post-pandemic macro-economic demands counter global warming hysteria

Reservoir Management Worldwide

Exploring Uncertainty in Subsurface Modelling and Forecasting

Ensemble-based modelling has been delivering value to the E&P industry for over ten years, causing a fundamental re-think of what exactly is needed to more accurately forecast the future behaviour of a reservoir’s performance and enable better decisions to be made on developing and managing the production of hydrocarbon assets.