ARKeX Goes Multi-Client

Within the hydrocarbon exploration industry, the market for gravity gradiometry has grown substantially over the past few years.
This article appeared in Vol. 9, No. 3 - 2012


ARKeX, which specialises in non-seismic geophysical imaging, has become one of the major players in this market through its proprietary surveys. It has therefore decided to launch a new business area which will focus on multi-client full tensor gravity gradiometry (FTG) surveys, making the technology available to a wider customer base and enabling more clients to benefit from the enhanced resolution of gravity gradiometry. One of the first multi-client projects planned is a 50,000 km2 survey offshore Greenland in conjunction with ION Geophysical Corporation.

The multi-client data library, which includes gravity and magnetic data as well as gravity gradiometry, can be accessed via ARKeX’s new website at


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