10th Anniversary Wrap Up

Now that the bunting has been put away and memories of the celebrations are consigned to the annals of folklore we bring you a quick review of prize-winners and stylish-dinners.
This article appeared in Vol. 11, No. 3 - 2014


Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) in central Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Resplendent, decked in orange flags and soccer emblems.

What better city to celebrate a birthday in than Amsterdam? Resplendent, decked in orange, as the locals supported their team through the FIFA World Cup, the city is surely contender for party capital of Europe? As the team from GEO ExPro gathered from all corners of the globe for the EAGE conference it was always going to be an exciting but busy time.

Overall winner Miguel Ángel. Highlight of the anniversary celebrations was the revealing of the results of the photo competition and the prize draw for the champagne and the mini iPad. The winner of the photo competition was Miguel Ángel for his stunning photo of the fissure craters of Lakagigar, Iceland, where a 1783-4 eruption of basalt lava and clouds of poisonous hydrofluoric acid and sulfur dioxide had catastrophic effects of global proportions. 

The winning photo will be printed on the next GEO ExPro magazine cover and the winner also receives a £100 Amazon voucher. See the full list of competition winners here. A big thanks to everyone that contributed to the competition.  

At the conference the prize draw for the Apple tablet was very well attended and after everyone was given a glass of something bubbly and a special birthday cake it was time for Marketing Manager Scarlett Barclay to open proceedings with a toast and a reminder of all the people and organisations that have supported GEO ExPro in one way or another over that last 10 years.

  • As the Draw is about to begin the crowd starts to build.

  • Kirsti and Jane work the floor!

  • Jane Whaley (Editor in Chief), iPad winner Kirsten Bevan (of Chemostrat) and Kirsti Karlsson (Director of Marketing).

  • Winner of the draw for a free advert page - John Ebbern of Task Fronterra Geoscience.

With so many friends and colleagues sharing the party atmosphere it really was a wonderful way  to mark the end of the first 10 years of the magazine.

Then the team had a party on a boat followed by dinner in a swanky restaurant! I really can recommend seeing Amsterdam from water level and if you are lucky enough to do so in an electric powered 1906 wooden-framed launch, with a captain well versed in entertaining and educating his guests, as we did, then you could do no worse than emulating us completely by finishing your trip at the top class Breitner Restaurant. I still fantasise over the delicous fare. And to the couple of geophysicists on the neighbouring table who overheard Tore's cruel satire of their noble profession - it was only a joke, honest! 

  • Where is Owen? It is not like him to miss the boat!

  • Welcome aboard.

  • One last photo before we leave.

  • Cakes!

Finally, au revoir to Scarlett...many years of loyal service, you will be missed but we wish you luck and every success in your exciting new venture.

  • Scarlett prepares for her last Geo ExPro presentation.

Congratulations to everyone that has made GeoExPro such a compelling read over the last 10 years and let's raise a glass in anticipation of the next 10 years.

Geo ExPro Team 2014 - from left to right: Felix, Will, Martin, Scarlett, Kirsti, Jane, Tore, Jean-Michel.


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