Oil Price Prediction Competition

It's the hottest topic of conversation around the office water cooler and everyone has an opinion on where the oil price will go next. Now we are giving you the chance to demonstrate that you have your finger on the oil industry pulse by inviting you to predict the oil price and to win an Amazon voucher.
This article appeared in March, 2015


Sometimes it feels as if there are as many opinions as to why the oil price has slumped as there are people - 'It's cyclical', 'It's the production glut', 'It's about maintaining market share', and/or 'It's the result of global politics'. Whatever the drivers, the fact is that yet again we live in uncertain times.

In recognition of the rapidly changing nature of the oil price and with the knowledge that our readership is generally well able to make informed price predictions, we are giving readers the chance to do just that, and in the process the opportunity to win the prize of a £30 Amazon voucher!

All you have to do is send us your prediction of the closing price of Brent Crude, as quoted in the Financial Times, on Thursday 30th April, 2015

Send your entries, before 4pm (GMT) Wednesday 22nd April, to [email protected]

The winner will be announced after the 1st May.

Good luck!


Entries for this competition are now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered.

The winner will be announced in due course. 


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