Oil Price Competition 2 - Result

Result of the second Oil Price Prediction Competition.
This article appeared in June, 2015


Oil Price Prediction Competition Results

Oil Price at COB 19th June, as shown on the FT website on 22nd June. Once again, many thanks to everyone that entered the competition, the results are in.

The oil price, COB 19th June, as shown on the FT website (dated 22nd June) was $63.02, as shown in the image.

The Winner by virtue of closest guess is Greg van de Bilt of PanTerra Geoconsultants in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. With a guess of $63.15 Greg was off by only 13 cents. The next best guesses came from Dietrich Landis and Mehdi Mokhtari.

An Amazon voucher, worth the equivalent of £30, is on its way to the lucky winner. Congratulations!

This time around the distribution of guesses was less scattered and although the predictions were slightly skewed to the positive end of the scale you are clearly getting better at this - or maybe the oil price is now more stable and therefore easier to predict?

Once again, thanks for joining in the fun and congratulations to the winner.


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