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This article appeared in May, 2016


At Geo ExPro we have been publishing articles for 12 years now, that's a lot of articles and we don't expect you have read them all. So, we figured that you would appreciate some help and guidance when surfing this valuable resource. Here is a quick guide to one feature we think will make your research a little easier, now and in the future.


We have put together a series of Collections of themed articles, that allow you to quickly research subjects in more depth. The following list reviews the currently available Collections and over the coming weeks we aim to bring you more opportunities to search our archive in this way, so keep an eye on our Homepage where more information will be made available. Until then, this list of Collections should be enough to keep you busy.

Simple Guides Collection 

Largely published under the Technology Explained theme, this collection of articles, written by experienced practitioners, provides concise and readable summaries and is a must read list. 


Ashley Francis, Earthworks Reservoir

A Simple Guide to Volumetrics 

A Simple Guide to Seismic Inversion

A Simple Guide to Seismic Amplitudes and Detuning

Gareth A. James Ph.D. Simpleware Ltd.

Simplifying Digital Rock Physics Workflows 

Structural Geology Collection

Published under the Geo Education banner. A collection of popular articles written by author Rasoul Sorkhabi, Ph.D., on the main disciplines of structural geology. An invaluable resource for students and anyone wishing to refresh the memory and pick up a few new ideas at the same time.


Know Your Faults! Part I 

Know Your Faults! Part II 

Folds and Folding - Part I 

Folds and Folding - Part II 

Fracture, Fracture Everywhere - Part I 

Fracture, Fracture Everywhere - Part II 

Gas Hydrates

Hydrates are found in permafrost, on continental shelves and in the wider universe where they play an important role during the formation of planets. This collection of articles by Lasse Amundsen and Martin Landrø, and guest editors, provide essential insights into the science of these enigmatic resources.


Gas Hydrates - Part I: Burning Ice

Gas Hydrates - Part II: Rock Physics, an Introduction

Gas Hydrates - Part III: Rock Physics Hydrate Experiments

Gas Hydrates - Part IV: Where Are Gas Hydrates Found? with Thomas Reichel

Gas Hydrates - Part V: The Resource Potential with Thomas Reichel

Gas Hydrates - Part VI Hydrates in the Arctic (I) with Jürgen Mienert

Gas Hydrates - Part VII Hydrates in the Arctic (II) with Jürgen Mienert

Gas Hydrates - Part VIII Hydrates in Outer Space (1)

Gas Hydrates - Part IX - Hydrates in Outer Space (2)

Look out for more Collections as we publish them to our homepage.


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