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This article appeared in May, 2016



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The latest Collection in our review is on a subject of increasing interest to the exploration community, as resource hungry nations look to capitalise on this extensive potential reserves base.

Gas Hydrates Collection

Published under the Recent Advances in Technology banner, this collection of articles by Lasse Amundsen and Martin Landrø, and guest editors, provide essential insights into the science of these enigmatic resources. Hydrates are found in permafrost, on continental shelves and in the wider universe where they play an important role during the formation of planets. 


Gas Hydrates - Part I: Burning Ice

Gas Hydrates - Part II: Rock Physics, an Introduction

Gas Hydrates - Part III: Rock Physics Hydrate Experiments

Gas Hydrates - Part IV: Where Are Gas Hydrates Found? with Thomas Reichel

Gas Hydrates - Part V: The Resource Potential with Thomas Reichel

Gas Hydrates - Part VI Hydrates in the Arctic (I) with Jürgen Mienert

Gas Hydrates - Part VII Hydrates in the Arctic (II) with Jürgen Mienert

Gas Hydrates - Part VIII Hydrates in Outer Space (1)

Gas Hydrates - Part IX - Hydrates in Outer Space (2)

Gas Hydrates Collection


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