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This article appeared in May, 2016



This is the second quick guide to one feature we think will make your research of our extensive database of articles a little easier, now and in the future. (The first guide can be found here - Simple Guides Collection).

These series of Collections of themed articles are designed to allow you to quickly research subjects in more depth.

Collections allow you to:

- Follow our in-depth themed-series more easily

- View articles by one author and/or articles on one subject but by different authors

- Bring greater depth to your research

As the list continues to grow we will bring you more information and quick links.

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The second Collection in our review is one of our most popular with students and seasoned practitioners alike.

Structural Guides Collection

Published under the Geo Education banner. A collection of popular articles written by author Rasoul Sorkhabi, Ph.D., on the main disciplines of structural geology. An invaluable resource for students and anyone wishing to refresh the memory and pick up a few new ideas at the same time.


  • Know Your Faults! Part I
  • Know Your Faults! Part II
  • Folds and Folding - Part I
  • Folds and Folding - Part II
  • Fracture, Fracture Everywhere - Part I
  • Fracture, Fracture Everywhere - Part II 

Structural Collections Collection


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