GEO ExPro Nominated for EI Award

The 2016 Energy Institute Awards reflect the diversity of outstanding achievements across the global energy sector. And this year GEO ExPro magazine is one of the Nominees.
This article appeared in September, 2016


As part of the nomination process GEO ExPro were asked to provide some background details - the history, development and raison d'être of the magazine. Here is a summary of the GEO ExPro story, a story that we think demonstrates how the magazine was born out of necessity, has delivered on the original goals and continues to evolve in line with the needs of a rapidly changing industry.


The headline article from Vol., 7 No.1 (2010), 'Why So Much Oil in the Middle East' by Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi, has been viewed tens of thousands of times online and in hard copy. The upstream industry is very dependent on the geosciences, but many people working in the field either do not have a geoscience background, or they do not have an in depth understanding of the various disciplines beyond their own expertise. This hinders both individual comprehension of issues and communication between team members, and has a detrimental effect on decision making.

GEO ExPro Magazine was founded to address this issue by publishing articles on a range of geoscience and industry related topics, written in an easy-to-read and attractively-illustrated style.

To ensure it is available for all it is distributed freely at many principal industry conferences, seminars and exhibitions and also sent to major, independent and national oil and service companies throughout the world.

The first edition of GEO ExPro Magazine was published in June 2004 with a print run of 6,000. Now in its 13th volume, the magazine has a circulation of about 10,000 and, according to market surveys, a readership greater than 24,000, as many copies are passed around among colleagues. It has developed a strong, innovative web presence exhibiting interactive articles and features, with a freely available online archive containing over 1,000 articles and more than 60 downloadable magazines.

Impact and benefits

Thematic in nature, GEO ExPro magazine covers issues of importance to the industry on a local and global scale. GEO ExPro has become the most popular and well-read geoscience magazine or journal in the upstream industry and as a result the information gap between the different branches of geoscience is considerably reduced. In addition, by publishing topics of relevance to the wider industry, a diverse range of people working in the sector throughout the world have become much better informed on technical developments, upcoming geological ‘hot spots’ and issues of importance to the industry.

We believe that GEO ExPro Magazine has made a unique contribution to communicating geoscience and related topics by helping people working throughout the O&G industry to understand the scientific and technological developments involved in the exploration, development and production of energy resources around the world. And we believe that we have achieved this in an interesting, informative and entertaining manner, without compromising on the technical excellence and integrity of our articles.

In addition, through its web presence GEO ExPro is reaching out to inform and educate people worldwide about the O&G industry, including many who have little previous knowledge of it. 

GEO ExPro also has a very active social media presence, with updates and information on a range of topics and issues within the upstream industry being posted daily. 


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