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This article appeared in Vol. 13, No. 4 - 2016


This week at GEO ExPro we are running a themed edition that focuses on a number of our most popular articles that can be broadly categorised under the heading 'educational'. All of these pieces are taken from our extensive archive of online articles.

If you have been a regular reader of GEO ExPro over the last 13 years you will know that as well as topical and current articles that make our magazine so attractive to the business and analytical communities, we have also published hundreds of articles and features that can be considered more 'timeless' and less 'of the moment' in nature and of interest to the practitioner and student alike - from treatise on the fundamental tenets of geophysics, geology or reservoir engineering, to the more expansive exploration of the current understanding within a particular field of study, as in our 'Technical Advances' series. Combine these with the scholarly histories of the people, places and technologies of our international industry and we think our growing archive will be of interest to all.

The simplest way to explore our archive is to use the search features at the top of this page but if you are interested in delving into themed research then be sure to check out our 'Collections' where we have brought together some of the more popular articles into one handy place.

Simple Guides Collection

Structural Geology Collection

Gas Hydrates Collection

Unconventionals Collection

Next week we will return to our usual list of current articles from volumes 13.4 and the soon to be published volume 13.5. If you want to receive a copy of our print magazine see the ‘Print subscription’ button at the top of this page.


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