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This article appeared in August, 2017


The onset of the annual summer vacation season means it's time to get your body in shape as you prepare to compete with the bronzed beauties on the beach. But don't let your grey matter get flabby as you laze around the pool with nothing more than the latest best selling novella for company. This week at GEO ExPro we are giving you the opportunity to keep the stuff between your ears exercised by bringing you another chance to challenge yourself with one of our popular online quizzes.

There are no prizes but we know you are really competitive individuals so here are some numbers to inspire your inner quizzer ...

Think you can do better?

Well, if you have a better appreciation of 'What is the principal source of the world’s oil & gas?', (20 Things Pt 1) than the whopping 81% of respondents that got that question wrong, then maybe, just maybe, you can do better!

In case you need a little refresher before you take the plunge and get quizzing we have also put a few links ot our 'Collections' series of articles, where we think you will be able to find solutions to some of the questions in our tricky but fun puzzles, on the Homepage.

  • Give your brain a work out with a GEO ExPro Quiz

Remember they are just for fun and checking the questions on Google is only cheating yourself!

If you are feeling really clever why not share the results of your quiz and invite a friend to take part as well?


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