A Century of Geoscience Publishing

The important adaptation of digital publishing for oil and gas.
This article appeared in Vol. 14, No. 6 - 2018


Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO) user interface. Image source: Datapages/AAPG In 2017 the American Association of Petroleum Geologists celebrated 100 years as a respected independent publisher of geoscience articles, all of which are now held digitally in the archives of Datapages, a company wholly owned by AAPG. In addition to the Bulletin, Memoirs, Special Publications and the Search and Discovery online journal, this archive currently contains articles from more than 60 other organisations; in total there are over 150,000 articles. Datapages started digitising AAPG publications in the early 1990s. The first digital products were CD-ROMs which innovatively featured full text searching; ten years later articles were migrated to the internet.

In recent years Datapages has been delving deeper into the archives to generate value-added products. The first of these was GISUDRIL, which used derived material to produce geographically and thematically focused maps, atlases and databases. More recently, 60,000 map figures have been georeferenced and over 15,000 sections geo-located, all of which are now incorporated into the Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO) product, an online service which allows users to graphically search areas of interest for maps and sections which can be viewed and downloaded. The project’s long-term objective is to offer its services via a geoportal, allowing users to integrate data from a number of different vendors. Datapages has been a digital publisher for 25 years and continues to provide innovative services in a constantly evolving marketplace.


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