An Introduction to Exploration Geophysics with Recent Advances

Brand new book from GEO ExPro & Bivrost Geo. All you ever wanted to know in an introduction to exploration geophysics – clearly explained and beautifully illustrated.
This article appeared in April, 2018


GEO ExPro are thrilled to announce the publication of a beautiful new book by Martin Landrø and Lasse Amundsen, based on their long running column in GEO ExPro magazine.

Story Behind the Book

Back in 2007, the then Editor of GEO ExPro, Halfdan Carstens, asked two renowned Norwegian geophysicists if they would consider writing a few pieces for GEO ExPro Magazine in which they explained in simple terms, suitable for students and laymen alike, some of the science behind the way geophysics is used in the search for oil and gas. 

GEO ExPro's Recent Advances in Technology 

Brand new "Introduction to Exploration Geophysics with Recent Advances" written by Dr. Martin Landrø & Dr. Lasse Amundsen. Since then, Lasse and Martin have written over 70 articles, covering a range of topics from seismic acquisition to reservoir monitoring, with a few detours into fascinating new realms like gas hydrates and supercomputing. Their regular column, called ‘Recent Advances in Technology’, very soon proved to be one of the most popular features in the magazine, and their ability to illuminate even the most complex aspects of geophysics has enabled many people to have an understanding of the importance of this subject in the worldwide search for hydrocarbons.

Introduction to Exploration Geophysics with Recent Advances is based on these articles, updated and expanded to include modern examples and the most recent developments in technology. Each technical subject has its own chapter, and can be read independently of other chapters, but to bind them together there is introductory chapter called ‘Looking into the Earth’, which outlines the scope of geophysical methods and gives an overview demonstrating how everything in petroleum geophysics is interrelated.

Brief Overview of an Introduction to Exploration Geophysics

The following chapters focus on basic principles and from there explain the recent advances within various exploration techniques, hopefully in an easy way with limited use of equations but with many examples and illustrations. The chapters include:

  • 1. Looking into the Earth
  • 2. Elements of Seismic Surveying
  • 3. Marine Seismic Sources and Sounds in the Sea
  • 4. Reservoir Monitoring Technology
  • 5. Broadband Seismic Technology
  • 6. Gravity and Magnetics
  • 7. Supercomputers for Beginners
  • 8. Gas Hydrates
  • 9. Dwelling on the Mysteries of Space

The book discusses the important discoveries that have led the way in exploration geophysics, culminating in mind-boggling and fascinating questions at the cutting edge of physics today.

An Educational Introduction to Geophysics

Introduction to Exploration Geophysics with Recent Advances will be of interest not only to geoscientists, but also to high school students and to graduate students in the physical and engineering sciences. It will also serve as a valuable reference for the many laymen throughout government, academia and industry who want to better understand the history and science behind the exploration for and discovery of hydrocarbons.

About the Authors

As Editor in Chief of GEO ExPro Magazine, it has been a great pleasure and an honour to work with these two very distinguished scientists:

Recent Advances in Hydrocarbon Technology

You can access some of original articles written by Martin and Lasse here.


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