Making The Most of Your Trip to South Africa

Travel & Lifestyle for Oil and Gas: A recommendation of sites to visit, places to eat & hotels to stay in to make the most of your visit to Cape Town, South Africa for the AAPG | SEG ICE 2018 and 25th Africa Oil Week.
This article appeared in July, 2018


GEO Lifestyle: Making the Most of Your Trip to Cape Town, South Africa

In collaboration with Wide Africa we've pulled together a selection of top restaurants and things to do while visiting Cape Town for the AAPG | SEG ICE 2018 and 25th Africa Oil Week. Whether you want to sit down to a traditional Bobotie, take a scenic city tour, test your bravery by getting close to the sharks or if that's all too much for you perhaps you just want sit back and enjoy the infamous liquid produce of South African grapes. Whichever it is, we're sure to have something for you here!

Top 5 Recommended Restaurants in Cape Town

Photo credit: Wide Africa It is of course with upmost importance that we keep our tummy's filled during these conferences; giving us the vitality we need to push through each day and secure the deals we need to! Here are some recommendations we have pulled together of places to eat. 

Top 5 Wine Lands in Cape Town

Of equal importance to keeping fed, is to keep watered, or 'wined' if we are to be specific to this section of recommendations. Scattered across the shelves of supermarkets and liquor stores around the world, is often a generous section dedicated to wines originating from the wine lands of South Africa. To indulge first hand and in their country of origin, we have compiled a list of recommendations to help you achieve just that.

Top 5 Things to do Whilst Visiting South Africa

Photo credit: Wide Africa Rightly so, it's not all work and belly-busting indulgence. South Africa is home to many world wonders and experience spectaculars. Whether it be 4-wheel cruising on a safari, revelling in the awe of Table Mountain or fluttering on the city horizon during a sky-high helicopter tour. We, of course, cannot ignore that one particular adrenaline filled, submarine experience of play time with the lord of ocean; and we're not talking about Aquaman!

  • Concert on Sunday Night @ Kirstenbosch Gardens
  • The Old Biscuit Mill Day & Night Organic Food Market
  • Cape Town Historical City Tour with Table Mountain
  • 15 Minute Scenic Helicopter Tour Over Cape Town
  • Cage Diving with Sharks

For more information on these tours and experiences or to make any bookings, please contact Brigitte Walsh ([email protected]) or visit

World Renown African Safaris

Photo credit: Wide Africa It would of course be criminal to publish a tourism article on South Africa without a mention of these exotic splendours. Cruise through South African wilderness guided by experts and narrated along a tale of adventure, revelling in some of Mother Nature's awe-inspiring creations such as elephants, lions, leopards, gorillas & giraffes all within their natural habitat. Wide Africa confidently recommend the following safari trips and locations, while visiting South Africa and from what we've seen - we can hardly dispute that!

Wide Africa's top 5 safai locations are:

  • East Africa Safari (Tanzania with gorillas)
  • South Africa (focus on Cape Town, - Kruger Safari - Kalahari Safari)
  • Okavango Delta - Victoria Falls - Kruger Safari
  • Cape Town - Kruger Safari & Mozambique Beach
  • Zimbabwe Safari

For a full itinerary on each of these tours, or to make bookings and enquire about pricing please contact Brigitte Walsh ([email protected]).

Recommended Hotels in Cape Town, South Africa

Photo credit: Wide Africa A selection of hotels to choose from, ranging from luxurious lodges to affordable, yet high quality accommodation. For reservations, and preferential rates, please contact Brigitte Walsh ([email protected]) or visit

These might not fall under your company approved budgets but getting out there a few days earlier or staying on for a little longer means you could take advantage of a little extra luxury to make you stay extra special!

Luxury Hotels In & Around Cape Town

Hotels In & Around Cape Town

GEO ExPro in Cape Town

We're delighted to be representing our global publication at both the AAPG | SEG ICE 2018 and 25th Africa Oil Week later in the year in November 2018. The magazine will be in circulation throughout both conferences via the popular media bins distributed throughout each venue. Our booth number at AAPG | SEG ICE 2018 is #402 so be sure to pop by to say hi and grab a free copy of the latest issue of GEO ExPro Magazine. In the meantime, happy browsing and we hope you get the chance to embark on at least one of these many recommendations and we look forward to hearing all about it when we see you in Cape Town!

More info on each event can be found via our Events Page.

It would be a lie if I were to say I wasn't jealous of all those that get to attend the AAPG | SEG ICE 2018 and 25th Africa Oil Week, and to rub it in even more - here's a look back at the wonderful sights of South Africa experienced by our Editor in Chief, Jane Whaley.

  • GEO ExPro Editor in Chief at Cape of Good Hope. Photo credit: Jane Whaley.

  • Near Sea Point it is possible to traverse exposures of Malmesbury Group shales, hardened and darkened by heat from the intruding Cape Granite (right), before moving into the contact zone, where the shales are distorted and folded by the magma (centre). Walking on, the granite predominates (left), although containing many large xenolithic fragments of metamorphosed country rock, before the granite alone is exposed. All over a mere 150m of coastline. Photo credit: Jane Whaley

  • Hout Bay, 15 km south west of Cape Town, is presided over by the impressive peak of Sentinel Mountain, composed of Ordovician Table Mountain Group Rocks. Whales are commonly seen basking in the calm waters of the bay. Photo credit: Jane Whaley

  • 2. Horizontal bedding near the town of Montagu, western Cape. Photo credit: Jane Whaley.

  • Dramatic folding on northern side of the Swartberg Pass. Photo credit: Jane Whaley.


GEO ExPro would like to thank Brigitte Walsh at Wide Africa and Charles Thomas at Electromagnetic Geoservices (emgs) for their contribution to the content of this article and providing recommendations to help make your trip to South Africa extra special.

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