Oil and Gas Potential in Madagascar: The West Morondava Basin

Recent studies on new data conducted in collaboration between BGP, TGS and OMNIS confirm there is significant potential for future oil and gas discoveries offshore the West Morondava Basin.
This article appeared in Vol. 15, No. 6 - 2018


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The West Morondava Basin: Let the Bidding Commence!

A total of 44 offshore blocks in the Morondava Basin, located on the western margin of Madagascar, will be offered in the Madagascar Licence Round. The licensing round is currently suspended until further notice. After over 100 years of exploration, the offshore part of the West Morondava Basin remains largely underexplored. Only six exploration wells have been drilled in the region, all in shallow water. Three of these reported gas shows, while oil and gas shows have been reported in wells throughout the onshore part of the basin, where two heavy oil fields, including the giant Tsimiroro field, lie within 100 km of the coast. These fields are sourced from the Triassic Sakamena Formation, and further source rock potential is thought to lie in the Upper and Lower Cretaceous, and in the Upper and Middle Jurassic. Multiple oil seeps have been reported offshore.

It is believed that the Davie Fracture Zone was still active during the Turonian-Santonian, which has allowed the creation of trap structures and the migration of hydrocarbons from older source rocks. Potential traps include reef structures, tilted fault blocks, fan complexes and intrusion related uplifts.

Recent studies on new data conducted in collaboration between BGP and TGS confirm there is significant potential for future discoveries offshore the West Morondava Basin.

Seismic Data from Offshore West Morondava Basin, Madagascar

This seismic section was taken from a two-part BGP foldout from GEO ExPro Vol. 15, No. 6. You can view the second seismic foldout, taken from Cuba, here: Cuba Re-launches Offshore Oil Exploration.


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