A New Era for Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry

Full Tensor Gravity GradiometryTM (FTG) has entered a new era with multiclient acquisitions.
This article appeared in Vol. 16, No. 6 - 2019


A New Era for Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry

Bell’s proposed Sri Lanka FTG survey. © Bell Geospace. Full Tensor Gravity GradiometryTM (FTG) has entered a new era with multiclient acquisitions. Bell Geospace’s Pan-Malaysia Multiclient Air-FTG and Air Mag surveys form the largest FTG multiclient data library in the world, covering 370,000 km2 of onshore, offshore and transition zone areas, including all of the Malaysian 2020 bidding round acreage. Bell’s industry-leading full tensor gravity gradiometry data, with its cutting-edge interpretation technology exploiting all the tensor components, enables the interpretation of geology across large areas of Malaysia for a fraction of the cost of seismic data. Air-FTG and magnetic data can help unlock the geology of Malaysia and minimise exploration risks.

In 2020, Bell Geospace will further increase its multiclient coverage in Asia, having signed a service agreement with the Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat of Sri Lanka for gravity, Air-FTG and magnetics acquisition on a multiclient basis. The initial phase of the project will focus on the offshore Mannar and Cauvery Basins and boost exploration over the 2019 bidding rounds blocks C1, M1 and M2. This data will help revisit existing seismic data and shed new light on the basins’ structure and basement geometry, as well as provide an invaluable tool to plan any future seismic surveys.

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