Invest in Big Data

The business value to transform subsurface data into a digital format is tremendous, and well worth the investment.
This article appeared in Vol. 16, No. 6 - 2019


Invest in Big Data

In a typical oil and gas digital transformation project, ten terabytes holds the equivalent of 35,000,000 pieces of paper full of text and images. That is roughly 16,000 boxes of paper. Add another terabyte of subsurface maps and seismic sections: that is an additional 15,000 images and 350 boxes of paper. Just the storage fees for all of those boxes could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

Fuelled by the demands of artificial intelligence, ten terabytes is what some data management companies are processing each month in support of the new digital transformation world, and that number is growing. Katalyst Data Management, for example, globally stores 40 petabytes or 40,000 terabytes of data. As you can imagine, 40 petabytes is a lot of data:

  • 140,000,000,000 pages
  • 60,000,000 TIF images
  • 65,400,000 boxes
  • 75,000 semi-trucks of paper data
  • 10,000 man-years of scan and name time (at 3 seconds/page)

Talk about big data! Consider the fuel cost and people involved in moving and storing all of that information. The business value to transform all of this subsurface data into a digital format is tremendous, and well worth the investment.

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