Promising Oil and Gas Opportunities in the Caribbean

The Caribbean currently offers an unprecedented number of hydrocarbon exploration opportunities, with promising potential in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua and The Bahamas.
This article appeared in Vol. 16, No. 4 - 2019


Promising Oil and Gas Exploration Opportunities in the Caribbean

The Caribbean currently offers an unprecedented number of hydrocarbon exploration opportunities, with active license rounds in Cuba and the Dominican Republic; plus extensive open acreage available for direct negotiation across Jamaica, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Farm-in opportunities are also available in The Bahamas.

The complex tectonic history of this relatively underexplored region has produced numerous hydrocarbon plays, with reservoirs ranging from Oxfordian Norphlet Formation aeolian sandstones and Cretaceous limestones, to Tertiary foreland basin clastics. Subduction and oblique collision during the Late Cretaceous to present day has produced a series of docked island arcs with thrusted Jurassic carbonate platforms and ophiolites, creating many potential structural traps.

Recent work on the Nicaraguan Rise indicates that the Eocene Punta Gorda Formation is a potentially prominent source rock, reaching up to 600m in thickness, with TOCs ranging from 0.85 to 3.4 wt%. An Aptian to Albian-age bituminous limestone also has oil-generating potential in this region. Recent onshore seep discoveries from Cretaceous sources confirm the presence of an active petroleum system on Jamaica.

Mounting research and increased accessibility will further encourage the development of this emergent region. Earthmoves’ Northern Caribbean Digital Atlas provides a detailed analysis on the northern Caribbean’s geology and hydrocarbon potential; visit the Earthmoves website for further details.

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