Regional 3D Seismic Offshore Denmark

The ION Denmark 3D is a regional multi-client seismic survey, covering approximately 10,650 square kilometres of the Danish offshore area from the Mid North Sea High to the Tail End Graben.
This article appeared in October, 2019


ION Denmark 3D

ION’s Denmark 3D is a new multi-client reimaging survey of just over 10,650 sq km. This 3D project stretches across the Danish North Sea from the Mid North Sea High to the Tail End Graben, in offshore quadrants 5605, 5604, 5603, 5503, 5504 and 5505.

The first phase of Denmark 3D, which is in progress, will incorporate multiple reprocessed contiguous vintage seismic surveys to create a continuous regional volume from field tapes to PSDM. Phase one reprocessing is expected to be completed in January 2020.

The seismic data presented in this article is an enhanced fast track, with the velocity model building (VMB) down to base chalk.

Regional 3D Seismic Offshore Denmark

The cross line shown is an enhanced fast track with ION PSDM input to velocity model build down to base chalk.


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