SEG 2019: Geophysical Technology in Oil and Gas

An opportunity for oil and gas industry professionals to share case studies, technological advancements, and research discoveries through technical presentations, panel discussions and booth exhibits.
This article appeared in October, 2019


SEG 2019: Conference Round-Up

The annual SEG meeting brings together thousands of oil and gas industry professionals in a geophysical-content-driven environment to share new ideas and showcase innovative technologies to enhance the efficient exploration and production of oil and gas resources. With a packed technical programme, this yearly event offers all delegates the chance to witness key industry findings and technical breakthroughs obtained via the use of geophysical methods in the geosciences.

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With a strong focus on geophysics, the exhibition sector of the meetings also offers companies the chance to showcase their ground-breaking technology, software and/or crystal-clear seismic data. As a geoscientist, with a heavy leaning towards seismic, I always find the SEG to be particularly interesting and each year I am eager to see the latest geophysical technology on offer, not to mention the stunning clarity in subsurface imagery.

Opening Session of SEG 2019

Walter Guidroz, Program Coordinator of the Energy Resources Program at the U.S. Geological Survey, was the keynote speaker for SEG 2019, where he gave a speech titled The Evolution of Unconventional Play Analysis at the USGS at the Opening Session of the event. His presentation addressed how the the USGS aims to remain relevant and at the forefront of unconventional play evaluation and assessment. He concluded that this will be via the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence - a trend we are seeing dominate the oil and gas news headlines of late.

Geophysical Technologies: Seismic Showcasing & Machine Learning

While, at times, the exhibition floor was quiet, this did not distract from the fact there was plenty to see. Multi-client companies were offering mammoth displays of their seismic data, showcasing impeccable clarity of the geology in the subsurface. These methods of display are not only content-rich but are also a reminder of how advanced seismic acquisition technologies are becoming at penetrating deep within the earth’s crust in the hunt for oil and gas.

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After the acquisition and pre-stack processing workflows comes the interpretation and understanding of the geological features within datasets, and what this means for oil and gas exploration and production potential in the corresponding areas. The SEG presents the perfect opportunity for seismic attribute and interpretation software companies to showcase the advanced capabilities of their machine learning technologies in reducing risk and increasing accuracy of subsurface interpretation workflows.

To aid in the display of high definition seismic and interpretation workflows, Sony provided cutting-edge graphic display technology in the form of their Sony Crystal LED. This provided the perfect platform for showing seismic, interpretation and commercial technologies.

Preparing for the Next Era of Oil and Gas Exploration

With conferences of this scale, it’s often hard to get to see everything and know exactly what key points to take away based on the presentation material on offer through the technical programme. However, I believe the headlines in the SEG daily expressed it best and the main key takeaway points for me from this conference were that we must continue to work together to prepare for a new era of oil and gas exploration, as new technologies are developed and the next generation begin their careers in the industry.

GEO ExPro at SEG 2019

We had a great time seeing the familiar faces of our loyal readers and advertisers, but also took great pleasure in meeting new ones! These geophysical focussed events are yet another opportunity for us to witness just how popular GEO ExPro magazine is, with a particularly large interest in our seismic foldouts! Thanks to SEG committee for organising everything and we look forward to participating in the SEG 2020 in Houston!

  • Left to right: Marcin Young-Ziolkowski: GEO ExPro Booth Manager, Kirsti Karlsson: GEO ExPro Sales & Marketing Director and Nathan Young-Ziolkowski: GEO ExPro Sales & Marketing Manager | Digital Editor at SEG 2019 in San Antonio.

  • Nathan, Kirsti & Marcin pictured with raffle-prize winner Jerzy Trela, Senior VP & COO of Geofizyka Toruń.

  • Nathan & Kirsti pictured with our raffle-prize winner Peter Royds, CTO at Avalon Sciences Ltd.

SEG 2019 Conference & Exhibition Statistics


  • 5,126 attendees
  • 68 countries
  • 509 students


  • 197 exhibitors
  • 27 sponsors


  • 1,472 abstracts submitted
  • 1,077 presentations accepted
  • 151 Technical Sessions
  • 8 Special Sessions
  • 1 Special Global Session
  • 18 Post-convention Workshops
  • 8 Continuing Education Courses
  • 6 Business of Applied Geophysics (BAG) Plenary Sessions
  • 4 Ancillary Education Sessions
  • 1 Near-Surface Geophysics Panel Discussion
  • 1 Near-Surface Geophysics Summit

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