GEO ExPro Vol. 17, No. 1 Out Now!

Geoscience magazine GEO ExPro Vol. 17, No. 1 is available for download. This edition of GEO ExPro focuses on the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean; Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence; and Reservoir Management.
This article appeared in March, 2020


Geoscience Magazine GEO ExPro Vol. 17, No. 1 is Out Now!

The latest issue of one of the industry's best read and most enjoyed geoscience magazines is now available for download. If you are signed up to the print subscription, a copy should be on its way to you right now!

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean; Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence; and Reservoir Management.

Over the course of the next couple of months, we will be publishing all print articles online so you can access adaptive content from wherever you are in the world.

Contents: Articles Included in GEO ExPro Vol. 17, No. 1

  • 5 Editorial
  • 6 Regional Update: Egypt - A New Regional Hub?
  • 8 Licensing Update: Timor-Leste
  • 10 A Minute to Read
  • 14 Cover Story: Industry Issues: Pangea III: At the Heart of E&P
  • 18 Industry Issues: Teaching the Machines
  • 22 Country Profile: Ras Al Khaimah – Great Hydrocarbon Potential
  • 26 Reservoir Management: AI and Petroleum System Risk Assessment
  • 30 Hot Spot: Empires of Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • 32 GEO Profile: Bernard Duval – Vive L’Aventure!
  • 36 Seismic Foldout: Maximus Survey: Opportunities in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
  • 42 Recent Advances in Technology: From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage – Part VI
  • 46 Industry Issues: Comprehending Climate Complexities
  • 50 GEO Tourism: Oman’s Musandam Peninsula – Geodynamic and Geopolitical Nexus
  • 56 Reservoir Management: Revolutionising the Prediction of Reservoir Performance
  • 58 History of Oil: The Land That Oil Forgot – Palestine, 1913–1948
  • 62 Reservoir Management: Salt Biostratigraphy – An Untapped Source of Data?
  • 66 Obituary: Ken Glennie − The Passing of a Legend
  • 68 Exploration Update 
  • 70 Q&A: The Saudi Aramco IPO
  • 72 FlowBack: The Africa Factor

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