Major Gas Discovery in Sharjah

Italian giant Eni recently reported a significant gas condensate discovery, Mahani-1, in Sharjah.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 1 - 2020


Major Gas Discovery in Sharjah

Location of the Eni operated Area B and the Mahani-1 well onshore Sharjah. Italian giant Eni reported a significant gas condensate discovery, Mahani-1, in Sharjah recently. Eni, now well associated with successful campaigns in the eastern Mediterranean, has extended its strategic positioning to the Middle East over the last 18 months, presumably in a bid to take a commanding position in the gas production, infrastructure and LNG/GTP industry, as gas starts to take precedence over oil for some export routes. 

In January Sharjah National Oil Company and Eni announced their 50/50 venture on Area B onshore. Mahani-1 was drilled to 4,562m and reportedly encountered thick gas-bearing pay in the carbonate Thamama Formation (Lower Cretaceous). The well tested 50 MMcfpd gas and condensate. The joint venture is now targeting difficult subthrust geological plays in the carbonate platform of the inner thrust zone of the Oman Foldbelt, requiring advanced 3D imaging and processing. Eni now have a Middle Eastern exploration portfolio stretching from Bahrain through the UAE to Oman; expect a very active exploration drilling campaign over the next two years from Eni and their partners in this region.

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