Oil and Gas on the North West Shelf of Australia

A number of drilling campaigns continue to expand on the oil and gas plays on the North West Shelf of Australia.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 1 - 2020


Oil and Gas on the North West Shelf of Australia

Location of Shell's Bratwurst-1 well in Block AC/ P64. A number of drilling campaigns continue to expand on the oil and gas plays on the North West Shelf of Australia. After the excitement around the Dorado oil discovery in late 2018 in the Canning Basin, focus has returned to the deeper water Carnarvon, Browse and Bonaparte Basins, where the majors need to prove up large gas reserves to support the burgeoning LNG export industry. 

Shell announced in December the successful drilling of Bratwurst-1 in Block AC/P64. The well is understood to have targeted Lower Jurassic play (Plover) and Upper Triassic (Nome) clastics in the Browse Basin. Although it took 78 days to drill, Shell completed the work within 12 months of the award, testament to their demand for gas, which is now a core component of the supermajor’s new energy mix and low carbon credentials. This campaign reflects a global shift to enriching the gas mix, with Bratwurst and other targets nearby lined up for tie-back to Prelude. This floating LNG project, which started exporting in 2019, is the largest of its kind and very much in the vanguard for the next generation of global offshore gas development projects for the industry.

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