CGG Mozambique Seismic Data Available for Licence

CGG licenses final PSDM seismic data and JumpStart geoscience package from Mozambique survey.
This article appeared in April, 2020


CGG Mozambique Seismic Data Available for Licence.

The final 3D PSDM seismic dataset from CGG’s recent 15,400 km2 multi-client survey of the outer Zambezi Delta in the Mozambique Basin is now available for licence. The data over blocks Z5-C and Z5-D and surrounding open acreage is part of a multi-client programme agreed between CGG and Mozambique’s Instituto Nacional de Petroleo.

  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM data identifies key stratigraphic intervals and reveals the complex deep marine turbiditic system and the complex internal architecture of the Beira High of the Zambezi Delta (image courtesy of CGG Multi-Client).

The final PSDM data identifies key stratigraphic intervals for a better understanding of the petroleum system and, in conjunction with the high-resolution gravity and magnetic data, brings new information on the basin morphology and its evolution. CGG’s advanced imaging workflow, including full-waveform inversion, reveals a high level of detail, such as the complex deep marine turbiditic system and associated frontal splays, and the complex faulting pattern and internal architecture of the Beira High.

A complementary Mozambique JumpStart™ package is also available. This integrated geoscience analysis of all the regional data available frames it in its geological context in an easily accessible format. Data from 11 wells has been analysed in detail alongside the new seismic interpretation, which was supported by hydrocarbon seep identification, high-resolution potential fields data and the full suite of Robertson multi-client geological datasets. 

Further Reading from CGG on Mozambique

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Zambezi Delta Basin, Mozambique
Javier Martin, Madhurima Bhattacharya and Marianne Parsons; CGG
By integrating seismic and gravmag surveys with data from multiple wells, CGG aims to add fresh insight to the geological understanding and oil and gas potential of the Zambezi Delta Basin in Mozambique.
This article appeared in Vol. 16, No. 4 - 2019


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