Disruptive Subsurface Interpretation Software

The latest version of Eliis's intuitive, semi-automatic subsurface interpretation software, PaleoScan, brings enhanced geological modelling and improved automatic fault extraction workflows to the geoscience community for use in oil and gas exploration worldwide.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 4 - 2020


Disruptive Subsurface Interpretation Software

Are you looking for a disruptive interpretation software? For more than ten years, PaleoScan™ and the Eliis team has played its trump on flexibility and constant innovation, with an effort to cherish its users daily. This probably explains why PaleoScan has proven to be a vital piece of the interpretation puzzle in many areas and sedimentary basins worldwide. Its avant-garde semi-automatic interpretation method and its quick way to get comprehensive data insight yield an invaluable analytical capability in an intuitive and interactive interpretation environment.

  • Screenshot from PaleoScan™ showing interpretations on seismic and multi-attribute volumes. © Eliis.

A few months ago, the 2020 version of PaleoScan was released. A few of the exciting features to be found in this new version include:

  • A way to consistently model the geology has been created that gets free of the seismic artefacts and is able to represent thrust structures.
  • The automatic fault extraction workflow has been improved.
  • In 2D, the automatic connection of reflector propagation between the lines makes the interpreter’s life easier.

Discover more at the Eliis website.

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