Geoscience Cloud Solutions for a Pandemic

Cloud-based software solution, Seequent Central, supports geoscience analysis, modelling and collaborative technologies enabling organisations to work on critical large-scale hydrocarbon and geothermal projects from wherever they are in the world.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 4 - 2020


Geoscience Cloud Solutions for a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has created many demands and operational challenges for organizations trying their best to continue ‘business as usual’. One way to address this is to make greater use of ‘the Cloud’, and for this reason geoscience software company Seequent is accelerating the development of its cloud-based solution Seequent Central, enabling organizations to continue work on critical, largescale, earth, environment and renewable energy projects from wherever they are located during the crisis. 

  • Temperature distribution and fracture network model at the FORGE Milford site visualized in Seequent Central. © Seequent.

The software supports the company’s geoscience analysis, modeling and collaborative technologies, including Oasis Montaj and Leapfrog, by allowing a range of stakeholders in any location to visualize, track and manage geological models created for infrastructure and critical services projects, in a centralized, auditable environment. These tools support exploration and development workflows within the hydrocarbon and geothermal industries globally.

One project which has benefited from Seequent Central is the FORGE project at the University of Utah, which is undertaking research on enhanced geothermal systems, using data coming from a lot of different datasets. Seequent Central is used to manage and visualize the team’s geological data and models centrally, utilizing a web-based server that the entire team can look at, annotate and comment on, with everything visualized in a 3D volumetric space.


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