Onshore Argentina Oil and Gas Explorers Package

Multi-client geoscience provider Searcher offers Argentina Explorers Package, which includes seismic and well data, to support oil and gas exploration in the onshore Neuquén and Cuyo Basins in the Mendoza province of Argentina.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 5 - 2020


Onshore Argentina Oil and Gas Explorers Package

Map showing data coverage included within Searcher's Onshore Mendoza Explorers Package. © Searcher. Despite having an exploration history that goes back to the 1880s, the Neuquén and Cuyo Basins in the Mendoza province of Argentina still have significant conventional and unconventional potential. To address this, global multi-client geoscience provider Searcher recently announced the expansion of its Argentina data library with the Onshore Mendoza Explorers Package, which includes seismic and well data specifically aimed at explorers in these two basins.

The package includes vintage 2D and 3D data to which Searcher has applied its proprietary post-stack reprocessing method to rectify navigation, metadata, amplitude, phase, and time, thus creating a contiguous database that can be easily loaded into any interpretation software. The dataset comprises about 40,000 km of 2D and 10,000 km2 of 3D seismic. Also included in the package is the Mendoza Well Atlas, which consists of 50 wells for which Searcher’s G&G team, Discover Geoscience, has undertaken a post-drill well analysis of the key exploration and discovery wells across the basins. The resulting well atlas covers both conventional and unconventional plays. The data is accessed via a simple web interface, allowing screening and downloading from anywhere in the world. 

The presence of the Vaca Muerta world class source rock in the Neuquén and Cuyo Basins, as well as proven prolific reservoirs with many traps still undrilled, makes this is a very exciting province in which to explore. 

Further Reading on Seismic from Argentina

Offshore Argentina: Tertiary Play Potential in the Malvinas Basin
Krista Davies and Peter Hoiles, Discover Geoscience, Karyna Rodriguez and Neil Hodgson, Searcher Seismic
Reprocessing of seismic data across the Malvinas Basin has increased the hydrocarbon potential offshore Argentina by defining virtually unexplored Tertiary plays.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 4 - 2020


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