Using Electromagnetics for 4D Oil and Gas Monitoring

Allton, previously PetroMarker, will focus the development of their EM technology not only on improving frontier and near-field exploration services, but also on 4D oil and gas monitoring.
This article appeared in Vol. 17, No. 5 - 2020


Using Electromagnetics for 4D Oil and Gas Monitoring

PetroMarker has over the summer gone through a rebranding process and changed the company name to Allton. As part of the whole energy transition shift occurring in the oil and gas industry it was a suitable time to change the company name and technology focus. Electromagnetics (EM) have primarily been used for frontier exploration, regional studies and drill or drop decisions. Allton will focus the technology development not only to improve frontier and near-field exploration services; there will also be a strong technology commitment to deliver EM services for 4D oil and gas monitoring. 

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The implementation and use of 4D EM technology in oil and gas production will in many cases increase the recovery rate of existing and new fields, improving the economics and reducing the carbon footprint. The increased focus on offshore CO₂ storage such as the Northern Lights project in Norway will require a secure and reliable measurement, monitoring and verification tool. Allton’s EM technology will be that tool, which can deliver on these promises to make sure that the CO₂ is stored safely.

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