Vedanta Step-Out to Success in the Cambay Basin with Jaya

Vedanta (aka Cairn Oil & Gas) has reported a gas and condensate discovery at Jaya-1, onshore north-west India.
This article appeared in Vol. 18, No. 5 - 2021


Vedanta Step-Out to Success in the Cambay Basin with Jaya

Map showing the location of the Jaya-1 well, onshore India. Vedanta (aka Cairn Oil & Gas), the largest independent oil and gas company in India, contributing 24% of the country’s domestic oil production in 2020, has reported a gas and condensate discovery at Jaya-1. The well (previously Jambusar-Updip-1) finished drilling on 23 August 2021 onshore Block CBONHP/2017/2 in Bharuch District of Gujarat in north-west India.

This gas condensate discovery is located at the southern end of the Cambay Basin, a narrow elongated rifted graben with a Paleogene sag basin, situated between the Saurashtra craton on the west and Aravalli on the north-east and Deccan craton to the south-east. Gas and condensate are currently produced from the nearby Gandhar field to the south, from deltaic sands of the Hazad Formation of Mid-Eocene age.

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