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Country Profile Africa

An Underexplored Salt Province

A thirty year independence struggle with Ethiopia means that the natural resources of Eritrea remain largely untapped, but there is ample evidence that this now peaceful country is highly prospective for oil and gas.
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Country Profile Middle East

Iraq: Resource Base

As Iraq's political and security situation gradually becomes more stable and safer, the country's rich oil and gas resources will increasingly draw the attention of international oil companies. This article evaluates the geological inventory of Iraq's oil and gas fields, linking the progress and problems of the past to the prospects of the future.
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GEO Tourism North America

The Smell of Crude Oil

Very few places on Earth combine stupendous scenery, recreation, and oil production. But in the central Colorado Plateau of southeast Utah, the San Juan River has carved two deep canyons that provide river runners with an unparalleled, three dimensional view of the Paradox Formation.
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Country Profile South America

Onshore Opportunities in Brazil

Covering an area about half the size of Europe, Brazil's onshore basins could hold large quantities of oil and gas like their Northern Hemisphere counterparts. Yet they have remained barely explored, overshadowed by the huge successes in the offshore.
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Country Profile Africa

Mali: A Country on the Cusp?

Mali is the largest country in West Africa and yet is one of the least known to the hydrocarbon industry, with a total of only five exploration wells. It is also one of the poorest countries in the world. With interest increasing in neighbouring Mauretania and Algeria, is Mali about to move into the hydrocarbon limelight?
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Country Profile South America

Colombia: Moving Out of the Shadows

The announcement of a new licensing round in Colombia emphasises how the South American country is moving out of the shadow of violence and into a new era of stability and growth. Billions of barrels of oil may be found according to optimistic geologists.

Country Profile Asia

The New China

New leadership, new roads, expanding cities, new found wealth and freedom are bringing dramatic changes to China’s countryside and its people. Has this also brought with it new opportunities in the energy sector?

Country Profile Middle East

Encouraging Exploration

In the barren landscape of the Syrian desert you may find an occasional drilling rig exploring for hydrocarbons. In the years to come several more rigs are expected to enter, as the Syrian authorities are now actively encouraging international oil companies to acquire acreage and drill for oil and gas. The next frontier, however, is the offshore, where no wells have yet been sunk.

Country Profile Middle East

Iraq: Targeting Giants in Kurdistan

Oil is flowing to the surface in several seeps within the license area, and nearby giant fields have been producing for decades. The well Tawke # 1 is certainly being drilled in a proven petroleum province, and the first well by a foreign company in Kurdistan is now testing a huge structure delineated by modern seismic data.

Country Profile North America

Canada – significant production and huge potential

Canada’s hydrocarbon resources are both plentiful and varied. In addition to conventional resources of light to medium crude oil and gas that have been tapped for more than 150 years, unconventional resources like oil sand, coal bed methane, tight gas, shale gas and gas hydrates represent a vast potential for the future.