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Fundamentals of Reservoir Understanding

An industry tendency to resort to overly complicated modelling and simulation software is being challenged in the existing low oil-price environment. Some are now utilising low-cost solutions, highlighting the fundamentals of reservoir theory and returning to proven analytical tools.
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6 Books To Refresh Your Geology

As professionals we tend to become engaged in specialized fields and projects, and thus have less and less time to refresh our knowledge of general geology. Reading about the progress made and prospects of new findings in our science can also be fun.
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A new book on the history of the upstream petroleum industry is itself a groundbreaker in a fascinating field.
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Barents Sea Atlas Goes Digital

Atlas of the Geological History of the Barents Sea Editors : Morten Smelror, Oleg V. Petrov, Geir Birger Larssen and Stephanie C. Werner. Geological Survey of Norway, 2009.
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Money Really Isn’t Everything

The story of the infamous Koch brothers is both riveting and cringe-inducing, a painful confirmation of everything your mother told you about the evils of money, its power to destroy families and corrupt the soul. (Sons of Wichita, Daniel Schulman, Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group.)
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