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Reflection or Refraction?

Taking advantage of joint acquisition and processing techniques: a case study in the Barents Sea Bjørnøya Basin.
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Little and Large

Seismic supply companies are helping operators face the downturn by providing cost-effective enhancements to existing product portfolios.
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Geophysics: A Simple Guide to Seismic Amplitudes and Detuning

Seismic amplitude changes may tell us something about reservoir lithology, porosity, and/or fluids. However, seismic tuning effects are potentially much larger than amplitude variations due to geological changes. Understanding this key concept is critical to effective seismic interpretation.
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Towed Streamer EM for Success

See the 'Big Picture' and the 'Details'. Using a towed streamer EM system makes it possible to use the same data to determine resistivity on a scale of a few hundred kilometres, and at the scale of the reservoir.
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Improving Seismic Quality

The advent of the individually steerable streamer has lead to the development of WesternGeco’s ‘Over/Under’ seismic recording technique, resulting in a dramatic improvement in seismic quality and the ability to visualise sub-salt and sub-basalt.