GEO Cities

GEO Cities Middle East

Kuwait: A Trading City

Perched at the head of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait City has been an important trading post for centuries, but the discovery of oil has brought both immense riches and major trauma.

GEO Cities Europe

Lerwick Small Yet Influential

Lerwick, the capital of the beautiful Shetland Islands off north-east Scotland, may be a bit small for the term ‘city’ – but its influence on our ideas on how to exploit our oil resources in harmony with the environment has been considerable.

GEO Cities Asia

Kuala Lumpur - A Piece of Asia

Although sited a long way from Malaysia’s oil and gas producing regions, the vibrant, exciting city of Kuala Lumpur is the centre of the country’s hydrocarbon industry, as it is home to Petronas, the National Oil Company

GEO Cities South America

GEO Tourism: Marvelous Vistas

Gateway to huge offshore oil reserves, Rio de Janeiro and southeast Brazil offers stunning scenery and geologic evidence of ancient mountains and the forces that spawned two continents.