GEO History

GEO History North America

The Many Lives of Belridge

Nearly declared dead by its owners only eight years after discovery, new technologies introduced over the past century allowed Southern California’s Belridge Field to grow into a prolific oil producer. Now, 101 years since that discovery, innovative insights into its varied reservoirs promise to keep Belridge productive well into the 21st century.

GEO History Middle East

The Search for Oil in Oman

A discovery at Yibal in April 1962 marked the end of a long and frustrating search for commerical oil in the Sultanate of Oman. The country is now 24th in the global oil production table with reserves of about 5.5 Bbo.

GEO History Worldwide

Early Textbooks of Petroleum Geology

Petroleum geology textbooks have been an essential tool for training generations of teachers, researchers, explorers, and managers in the petroleum industry. Here we look at some of the early textbooks in this field as a way of paying tribute to these works and their authors, upon whose shoulders stand the writers, teachers and textbooks of our time.

GEO History Worldwide

80 Years of Discovery

Having just celebrated its 80th anniversary, CGGVeritas is one of the longest established service companies in the oil industry, and now employs over 7,200 people in 70 countries.

GEO History Middle East

The Abu Dhabi Oil Discoveries

In the 1930s Abu Dhabi was a poor fishing village on the edge of the desert, but the discovery of oil has revolutionised the Emirate. It is thought to possess the sixth largest proven oil reserves in the world and is now extremely rich.

GEO History North America

Start of Something Big

An oil discovery in the Moose Range wilderness on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula would bring a momentous change to the territory and have oil exploration implications far to the north.

GEO History North America

A Long and Winding Road

The North Slope of Alaska is a cornerstone of US oil production with several giant fields, notably Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk and Endicott, plus extensive heavy oil at Ugnu and West Sak. The generation that discovered these fields is almost gone; what can we learn from their efforts?

GEO History Worldwide

The Road to OPEC 1960

Holding 77% of world's proven oil reserves and delivering 41% of production, OPEC has a powerful place in our world. Here we review how OPEC began and rose to its current position.

GEO History Europe

The First UK Giant Oil Field

The giant Forties Field was discovered in 1970, only the second oil field to be found in the UK North Sea. Originally predicted to run dry by the early 1990, it has now produced 2.64 billion barrels – and is expected to continue for another 20 years.

GEO History Asia

Miri 1910

In 1910, now 100 years ago, the Shell/Royal Dutch Group drilled the first discovery well in Miri, Sarawak. This oil discovery changed the face of Miri from a small fishery village into a modern city. But it took a lot more than luck to find and produce Sarawak’s only onshore oil field.