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Delighting in Geophysics

Dr. Thomas A. Smith founded Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) in 1984 and led the development of the widely adopted Kingdom Suite software suite for seismic interpretation. He went on to found Geophysical Insights in 2008, which launched Paradise™ at SEG 2013.
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Q&A Europe

NORM in Shale Gas and Oil Operations

As unconventional gas and oil operations expand in Europe, understanding the nature of naturally occurring radioactive material is necessary for managing environmental effects, as Anna Kaniewska at Golder Associates explains.
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Q&A Australasia

Hard Work and Innovation

In just eleven years, DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) has grown from a few people working in a shed in a Perth garden, to a company employing 200 people with seven offices based all around the world. Dr. Matthew Lamont, who founded DUG in 2003 with Dr. Troy Thompson, explains why he decided to start his own geosciences company.
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Q&A Europe

New Doctoral Training Initiative

An innovative collaboration between universities, research institutions, government funding bodies and the E&P industry promises to change the face of doctoral petroleum geoscience training in the UK. Keith Gerdes, Chair of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)’s Centre for Doctoral Training for Oil and Gas, tells us about this important development.
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What’s the Point of Conferences?

More and more conferences on every facet of the petroleum industry seem to be appearing. What purpose do they serve, and what makes them effective? We talk to Ben Sayah, conference manager with events company Terrapinn.
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Achieving Staff Integration Through Training

The training of non-technical staff can be key to improving communication and efficiency in oil-related companies. Anastasis Kokkinos, Director of Esanda, tells us how demand has grown for introductory, as well as specialised, training.
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Q&A Asia

BGP – A Fast-Growing Company

BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation is one of the world’s leading geophysical service companies and undertakes more land-based geophysical surveys worldwide than any other company in the industry. We talk to Mr. Zheng Huasheng, Vice President of BGP, about the growth and aims of this exciting organization.
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Leading a Global Organisation

As President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Ted Beaumont is in a good position to review the industry in 2012 and to take a look ahead to 2013
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Stimulating Exploration Growth

How can oil companies be encouraged to continue exploring in a mature area like the UK Continental Shelf? John Austin, Managing Director of OMV in the UK and Chairman of the Technical Committee for Prospex 2012, has a few ideas.
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Q&A Europe

PETEX - Spreads Its Wings

PETEX, the biennial London conference and exhibition organized by the Petroleum Society of Great Britain to celebrate the oil and gas industry, will be held between 20 and 22 November this year at Earls Court. We talk to Dr. Oliver Quinn, Conference Chair, about the conference and find out what special events are planned for this year.
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A Good Career Choice

Dr. Lucy Ramsey is one of the new generation of geoscientists in the oil and gas industry. We ask her about her impressions of the industry so far.
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The Oil Detectives

What is an Oil Scout? Is it a ‘cloak and dagger’ operation – or a highly qualified occupation calling for extensive knowledge of the industry and great interpersonal skills? Andrew Melvin of Moyes and Co. sheds some light on the business.
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Q&A Worldwide

PROSPEX: It’s All About Deals & Networking

<strong>Mike Bowman</strong>, Head of Geoscience for BP until 2010, and now Professor of Development and Production Geology at Manchester University, is President-Elect of the UK-based PESGB (Petroleum Society of Great Britain) and Chairman of PROSPEX, which will be held in London in December. We talk to him about this prospects fair – and whether there are too many events to attend in the industry now.
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