Reservoir Management

Reservoir Management Worldwide

Leveraging Complex Geologies

The ability of reservoir models to leverage seismic and accommodate complex geologies ensures robust and reliable models, improved decision-making, more justifiable investments, and improved field performance.
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Reservoir Management Europe

Getting into Hot Water

Hot water from subsurface reservoirs can be used directly to heat our houses. Data, software and knowledge from oil industry operations can help delineate this under-used resource, as is now being done in The Netherlands.
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Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Reservoir Monitoring Technology

Permanent seismic monitoring is an emerging market with significant potential. Who are the major players and what has been done to validate the Optowave technology? This article has been designed to get you up to speed with this important development.
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Reservoir Management North America

The Marcellus Shale

The gas potential of the Marcellus Shale of the Appalachian Basin has made it an attractive investment opportunity. Horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing have boosted production rates and recoverable reserves in these low permeability rocks.
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Reservoir Management South America

Facing the Challenge

Complex and unconventional reservoirs provide important reserves to the world's energy supply however, they are often challenging to produce. Systematic petrographic studies take a close look at these reservoirs yielding improved characterization and quality prediction; a crucial breakthrough that will guide future exploration and production
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Reservoir Management Europe

Pyrenees Hold Clues to Fractured Carbonate Reservoir

Faults and fractures are often an important factor in determining hydrocarbon storage capacity and productivity in reservoirs such as tight carbonates, quartzites and basements. The use of reservoir analogues such as those found in Catalonia in north-east Spain can be key to the interpretation of fractured carbonates reservoirs in the Middle East and elsewhere.