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The Pore Pressure Expert

Ajesh John is a Lead Operations Geologist for Cairn India, and is a pore pressure specialist. He explains how his role fits into the E&P cycle, and suggests what makes a good pore pressure expert.

What I Do Worldwide

The Stratigrapher

Dr. Phil Copestake explains how stratigraphy fits into the cycle of petroleum exploration and why he enjoys his work.

What I Do Worldwide

The Chief Geophysicist

Phil Fontana is the Chief Geophysicist for seismic company Polarcus. He tells us about the career path which led to this role and what it entails – and why geophysics still excites him.

What I Do Worldwide

The Petrophysicist

This new column takes a look at the different geoscience careers available in the oil industry and shows exactly what each one entails. In this inaugural article Jackie Mullinor describes her work as a petrophysicist with AGR in Aberdeen, and explains how the science of petrophysics fits into the exploration cycle.