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Looking Beyond

Evidence of a more scientific approach, combined with some unusual collaborations, could truly be described as blue sky thinking

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Bountiful Continents

Africa and South America together contributed ~20% of the world’s total oil production in 2013 but in the current industry downturn investment dollars may move away from ‘difficult’ countries to ones where there are fewer bureaucratic obstacles and that could impact both continents badly.

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A Wind of Change?

A recent UN agreement aimed at countering anthropogenic climate change is predicted to have a major impact on the oil and gas industry. What, if anything, is being done to protect industry interests?

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Innovate and Grow

As the oil price continues bouncing around the $45 mark, and it feels as though it is impossible to tighten belts any further, one word has come to represent the way ahead: innovation.

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Bucking the Trend

Exploration discoveries are at their lowest ebb for 70 years but one continent seems to be bucking the trend. Since 2015, nine of the biggest global discoveries have been in Africa.

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Oil Price Prediction Competition

It's the hottest topic of conversation around the office water cooler and everyone has an opinion on where the oil price will go next. Now we are giving you the chance to demonstrate that you have your finger on the oil industry pulse by inviting you to predict the oil price and to win an Amazon voucher.