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A collection of articles, written by experienced practitioners, with the goal of providing concise and readable summaries of their specialist area of expertise.
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Technology Explained Worldwide

A Simple Guide to Seismic Inversion

Seismic inversion is a complex topic with many different methods. This can make it confusing for the non-specialist to understand the various flavors of seismic inversion and choose the most appropriate tool for a particular interpretation task.
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GEO Physics Worldwide

A Simple Guide to Seismic Amplitudes and Detuning

Seismic amplitude changes may tell us something about reservoir lithology, porosity, and/or fluids. However, seismic tuning effects are potentially much larger than amplitude variations due to geological changes. Understanding this key concept is critical to effective seismic interpretation.
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Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Gravity for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Can an unexplored sedimentary basin be unravelled by gravity? How can gravity in cross-disciplinary workflows estimate the base of salt domes and gas saturation in shallow sedimentary traps ? Read on!
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