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Gas Hydrates

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Hydrates are found in permafrost, on continental shelves and in the wider universe where they play an important role during the formation of planets. This collection of articles by Lasse Amundsen and Martin Landrø, and guest editors, provide essential insights into the science of these enigmatic resources.
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Gas Hydrates - Part I: Burning Ice

Scientists have known and studied natural gas hydrates for decades. Vast deposits of hydrates have been found, both in the permafrost and the continental shelves of the oceans of the world. Natural gas hydrates also exist in the universe. Hydrates have played an important role during formation of planets, and our atmosphere and hydrosphere. Want to know more? Read on!

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Gas Hydrates - Part II: Rock Physics, an Introduction

Most oceanic gas hydrates are mapped using seismic data. How much do key seismic parameters vary from a hydrate rock to a water-saturated rock? Should the hydrate be considered as part of pore fluid fill or a part of the rock itself? To answer such questions, we need to understand the rock physics of sediments containing gas hydrates.

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Gas Hydrates - Part V: The Resource Potential

The gas hydrate resource is a function of geology, technology, policy, and market conditions. As we have seen, the commercial resource and recovery potential of gas hydrate strongly depends on the type of gas hydrate accumulation. In Part V of our series on gas hydrates, we discuss the resource potential.