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Exploration North America

Exploring for mammoths

The sedimentary basins offshore West-Greenland cover an area comparable to the entire North Sea. Six dry wells so far can therefore not be sufficient reason for writing off the possibility of finding oil and gas here in the future. Furthermore, geologists can now demonstrate the probable presence of prolific source rocks, good reservoirs and enormous structures.

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Proving the concept

Just two years after the very first commercial investigation we can confirm that the technology functions as planned. Sea Bed Logging seems to have come up to expectations achieving what was hoped for but thought by many to be too good to be true. The oil companies have, therefore, got a new means of determining whether oil or gas are present before they decide to drill.

Seismic Foldouts Asia

Improving 3D images

A deep, structurally complex carbonate reservoir offshore Philippines has been imaged with great clarity and resolution, despite the severely rugose water bottom and stratigraphically complex overburden. This has been accomplished by applying HighDensity 3D (HD3D<sup>TM</sup>) marine streamer acquisition.

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New dimensions in an old game

Previous developments within the seismic industry have been crucial to the exploration and exploitation success in the North Sea and elsewhere, largely because of tremendous improvements in spatial sampling. Further developments in seismic, according to one of the mentors within the seismic industry, are likely to have a profound impact on mapping the reservoir and how it is produced.