Vol. 1, No. 3


GEO Science Explained Europe

Kristin – a tough lady

A deeply buried reservoir – characterised by ultrahigh pore pressures and temperatures – represent a major challenge for both petroleum and drilling engineers. To minimise risk and maximise the collaborative efforts within the project team the operator focuses strongly on integration.

Global Resource Management Middle East

Yemen – for the smaller players

Despite Yemen’s modest and, as yet not fully explored, oil resources, the country has shown an impressive progress in the business. Since the preliminary geological studies started in the eighties, Yemen has managed to attract significant international interests in oil exploration and field development. Yemen is considered a newcomer in the world of petroleum, but the operating companies predict a promising future, based on their in-house studies and estimates.

GEO Tourism Europe

Chalk - multipurpose use

White chalk, forming spectacular cliffs, is found outcropping in England, Denmark as well as France. For the layman these cliffs are favoured attractions on holidays, for geologists they constitute excellent outcrops for studying the stratigraphy and sedimentology of the chalk as well as being analogues for some of the North Sea fields.

GEO Profile Europe

Billions of barrels to his credit

He is the doyen of petroleum geologists. For newcomers, it suffices to say that his name is associated with many of the North Sea’s major play concept discoveries totaling several billion barrels of recoverable oil.