Vol. 10, No. 1

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on South East Asia and Petroleum Geochemistry

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5 Editorial

6 Update

12 Market Update

14 Licensing Opportunities: NEW COLUMN

16 A Minute to Read

42 GEO Tourism: Along the Yangtse River

46 GEO ExPro Profile: Charles Hutchison – In Love with South-East Asia

78 Recent Advances in Technology: Broadband Technology and Beyond NEW SERIES

84 GEO Cities: Kuwait – A Trading City 86 Exploration Update

88 GEO Media: Private Empire

90 Q&A: Leading a Global Organisation

92 Hot Spot: Myanmar 94 Global Resource Management


20 Cover story: GEO Chemistry – The Dark Horse Upstream

26 Exploration: The Black Sea Hots Up

32 Technology: Real Time Data Delivery 36 Seismic Foldout: Power Up! Lebanon Offshore Round

50 Exploration: The South China Sea Enigma 58 Seismic Foldout: Integration of Data in the Barents Sea

64 GEO Chemistry: Geochemical Surface Expression in the Arctic

70 Industry Issues: The World in Our Hands?

74 GEO Chemistry: XRF Analysis in the Field


Exploration Asia

The South China Sea Enigma

The South China Sea, a marginal sea between Asia (the largest continent) and the Pacific (the largest ocean) covers an area of 3.5 million square kilometres and is surrounded by sedimentary basins, some of which have produced petroleum for decades. The oceanic and the stretched continental crusts underlying the South China Sea have experienced a complex tectonic history in Cenozoic times, which geologists are only beginning to unravel.

Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond

Part I: The Drive For Better Bandwidth And Resolution Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road. One such technology is broadband seismic. Want to be part of the steamroller or the road? In a series of articles, we give you an introduction to what broadband seismic has to offer.

Industry Issues Worldwide

The World in Our Hands?

Is the hydrocarbon industry’s role simply to create wealth or to take a leadership role on corruption and the environment? Petex’s forum delivered two explicit challenges to the industry.

GEO Cities Middle East

Kuwait: A Trading City

Perched at the head of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait City has been an important trading post for centuries, but the discovery of oil has brought both immense riches and major trauma.

Q&A Worldwide

Leading a Global Organisation

As President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Ted Beaumont is in a good position to review the industry in 2012 and to take a look ahead to 2013

GEO Tourism Asia

Along the Yangtze River

Spectacular natural scenery, deep canyons, salt mining and dinosaurs – so much to see in the Chóngqìng area of south central China.

Editorials Worldwide

Challenging the Industry

In this edition of GEO ExPro we look at the methodologies involved and the science behind petroleum geochemistry. Several examples illustrate how timely application of this discipline can potentially save considerable time and substantially reduce the costs of projects.

GEO Chemistry Worldwide

The Dark Horse Upstream

Most E&P professionals are familiar with aspects of geochemical analysis. But why is a science that could save exploration and production companies millions of dollars and months of drilling time not an industry standard?

Exploration Worldwide

A Minute To Read

Production Starts in Block 31, Pipeline Attacks in Nigeria, Lofoten Island Drilling Nearer?, New Barents Sea Survey, Reservoir Monitoring, Fully Integrated Geoscience Group

Exploration Europe

The Black Sea Hots Up

Interest in this underexplored area has increased recently, spurred on by Romania’s first deepwater discovery. We look at the results and implications of recent drilling in the Black Sea.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Real-Time Data Delivery

Real-time information improves the safety and efficiency of well construction. Halliburton looks at how WITSML is used for data delivery with both its customers and internal workflows.