Vol. 10, No. 6

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on North West Europe and New Technologies

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5 Editorial

6 Update

12 Licensing Opportunities

14 Market Update

16 A Minute to Read

30 Recent Advances in Technology: Towards a Ghost-Free Solution

42 GEO ExPro Profile: Derek Fairhead – Mapping Out a Career

54 Giant Fields: Wytch Farm Ploughs Ahead

80 GEO Tourism: The Salt Mountain, Romania

86 History of Oil: Unlocking the Earth

92 GEO Cities: Aberdeen – The Granite City

94 Exploration Update

96 GEO Media: Wegener’s Jigsaw

98 Q&A

100 Hot Spot: Cooper Basin, Australia

102 Global Resource Management


20 Cover story: Norway – Small is Also Beautiful

26 Technology: Solutions for Monitoring Gas

36 Seismic Foldout: Croatia: A New Oil Province

46 Exploration: Oil and Gas Potential of Greece

50 Technology: Pressure Prediction in Exhumed Basins

58 Exploration: Exploration Trends on the UKCS

62 Technology: Using Gravity for Enhanced Recovery

66 Reservoir Management: Applying Analogues for Success

70 Technology: The Digital Oilfield

74 Seismic Foldout: Sub-Salt Plays, Ultra-Deep Water Kwanza Basin


Seismic Foldouts Europe

Croatia: A New Oil Province at the Heart of Europe

A New Wave of Exploration Offshore Croatia. Proven hydrocarbon systems, shallow waters and proximity to hungry energy markets: is it time for Croatia to emerge from the shadows of its neighbour on the other side of the Adriatic Sea?

GEO Profile Europe

Mapping Out a Career

For almost 50 years, Derek Fairhead, founder and President of Getech, has studied the earth’s gravity and magnetic data. Now, close to retirement from the rapidly expanding AIM-listed company he has helped to build, he reviews a career.

Exploration Worldwide

Applying Analogues for Success

Amongst the great challenges facing E&P professionals today is how to pool their collective experiences and talents in order to filter the feast of opportunities, from exploration acreage to prospect, field development and acquisition opportunities. This article suggests how the use of analogue data can help to reduce the risks and increase the chance of success.

Exploration Europe

A Fresh Look at the Oil and Gas Potential of Greece

With a working petroleum system in place, proven by the Katakolon discovery and a number of oil shows, seeps and gas leaks, Western Greece is ready to be explored.

Giant Fields Europe

Wytch Farm Ploughs Ahead

Celebrated as the largest onshore oilfield in Western Europe (~500 MM bo), the Wytch Farm field in Dorset, southern England, is an iconic field to the thousands of geoscientists and petroleum engineers who have worked and studied there over the last four decades. It is now heading for a productive old age

GEO History Worldwide

Unlocking the Earth - A Short History of Hydraulic Fracturing

The recent shale gas boom is a reminder that the effective use of hydraulic fracturing in shale formations is a relatively new phenomenon. However, this ‘fracking’ (also called 'fracing’ or ‘fraccing’ in the technical literature) has been around for longer than many people realise, and the use of unconventional techniques to extract oil and gas from the ground has developed over more than 150 years.

Exploration Europe

Small is also beautiful

While one giant and several major discoveries have stolen the media headlines, the future bread and butter for the Norwegian continental shelf will to a large extent be the discovery and development of small and medium-sized fields.

GEO Tourism Europe

The Salt Mountain

Slanic Prahova, a small town in the centre of Romania, is famous as the home of the second biggest salt mine in Europe, the spectacular Salt Mountain, a natural reservation that is unique in the world.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Solutions for Monitoring Gas

In the face of widespread fears in the public about potential pollution as a result of fracking, we take a look at standards and best practices for environmental monitoring of onshore hydrocarbon exploration and development.